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Electric Vehicles at the Hoffman Auto Group

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Offering a wide variety of fully electric models across 10 dealerships.

Driven by trust for 100 years, the Hoffman Auto Group remains committed to doing our part to ensure a brighter future for the next century – and provide our community with the knowledge, resources, and tools they need to adopt vehicle electrification. From offering driving lessons with the sale of every Model T to committing to the advancement of going all-electric, we’ve remained forward-thinking while rooted in trust. 

We know our future is electric, and we're dedicated to do our part in delivering cleaner and safer vehicles for all. From cars to trucks and SUVs, there’s an EV model to fit every lifestyle and budget...the possibilities are endless!

Hoffman at Home

Your new or used electric vehicle can be purchased completely online and within the same day— with Hoffman at Home. From test drive to delivery at your doorstep, let our knowledgeable sales team make the car-buying experience simple and stress-free. 

Join the Charge

There has never been a better time to purchase or lease an electric vehicle. With upfront costs declining and lower fuel and maintenance costs, it’s more affordable to own and operate an EV than a traditional gas-powered car. Plus, your home is now your fuel station, and most new EVs average a 200 mile range on a full charge. You’re not just helping to save the planet, you also save time and money.

Tax Credits & Incentives

Get up to $7,500 in federal tax credit, up to $9,500 CHEAPR rebate, insurance discounts, plus other available EVConnecticut offers & incentives. 

Environmental Impact

Electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment by lowering air pollutant

Plug-in for Life

Visit any Hoffman dealership for a free charge for the life of your vehicle, or power up at any of the 400+ public charging locations across CT. 

Instant Acceleration

Get instant torque with just a tap of the pedal with no hesitation from shifting gears and super smooth handling from the low center of gravity. 

Less Scheduled Maintenance

No oil changes or transmission fluid maintenance means less maintenance when compared to a gas-powered vehicle.     

Electric Vehicles offered by the Hoffman Auto Group

Driving Change for a Brighter Future

Transportation is one of the largest sources of climate pollution in the United States, but the Hoffman Auto Group believes that we have the power to change this. We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy future for all, in fact, we’ve already begun. 

Our dealerships are equipped with solar panels that utilize renewable, sustainable energy. Electric vehicle charging stations are available at each location – and being powered by renewable sources means that every EV charged at Hoffman uses 100% clean energy with no pollutants released into the environment.  

Hoffman service centers are outfitted with the proper diagnostic tools and equipment for repair and maintenance of electric vehicles by our certified technicians who have undergone comprehensive EV training.